Into the Fire

I have been hiding my whole life. It’s a sacrifice I was willing to make for my family. My father’s political aspirations have always come first. I learned the hard way my actions could jeopardize everything he’s worked for. So I abandoned that girl who yearned for freedom and chased trouble. Instead I molded myself into the perfect daughter. Doing what is right and expected has become who I am. Until I met him―Rob Ashford.

With just one look into his stormy blue eyes, I knew I was lost. He exudes power, authority, and above all, control. Mine fades away the longer I’m in his presence. He’s stirred up desires I have worked so hard to suppress. I have come to realize he gets what he wants. And what he wants right now is me. As much as I want to succumb to what he’s offering, I’m not sure if I will lose myself–or find who I was meant to be. I’m not strong enough to refuse him. I give him everything, and even though he’s given me nothing in return, I still love him. He ignites a fire and passion that burns so bright I fear I’ll combust. The thought of leaving him terrifies me, but I know more than anyone that when you play with fire, someone always gets burned.

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