Why I Decided to Make My Book Free

It’s been four years since I launched my first novel, Out in the Open. I went into the process as an author and came out a publisher. I hadn’t intended for things to work that way, but that’s inevitably where the path led. It was a long journey and I learned a lot along the […]

Book Launch Day! And Why I’m Not Afraid to Fail

It’s hard to believe the day is finally here: the official launch of my third book, In Search of Mr. Anonymous. It’s been a year in the making, and quite a journey for me. You’d think it would get easier the third time around, but this has proved to be the most challenging yet because […]

Q&A with Booklover Sue

Check out my Q&A with Booklover Sue. You’ll find out my favorite scene in I Should Have Said Yes and what I learned at a psychic reading. Wish it was the lottery numbers! What is your writing environment? My life is filled with chaos, so when it comes to writing I like the quiet of […]

An Interview with Christine Young

Blog tour, day 2: check out my interview with Christine Young. You’ll learn a bit more about yours truly, and my book, of course! 😉 What or who inspired you to start writing? It had always been my dream to write a novel. But between working and raising two young kids it was something I […]

Here We Go Again (Big Announcement)

NOTE: there is a poll toward the bottom of this post. Would really appreciate your help in voting! In my last post I mentioned that I’d soon have big news to share on the book front. Drum roll please… my second novel, I Should Have Said Yes, will be available this summer! I’m really excited […]

Reflections On My First Year as a Published Author

July 8 marks the first anniversary that I published my debut novel, Out in the Open. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I’ve learned so much since I began my journey, which has been filled with its share of ups and downs. I’ve learned that I’m not a great saleswoman (although I already […]

It’s Only the Beginning

    Introducing my newest addition Out in the Open, a novel Arrived July 1, 2014 6” x 9” 1.2 lbs. Proud mama, J B Glazer   I can’t believe the day is finally here. I’ve envisioned writing this post for so long now, it’s surreal that the time has come. The project I have […]