An Interview with T’s Stuff

Next stop on my blog tour: T’s Stuff. Check out my interview to find out where I get my inspiration from and where I’d go if I could time travel, among other “stuff.” šŸ™‚ Where do you get inspiration for your stories? I think Iā€™ve always had an overactive imagination. At times when Iā€™m supposed […]

Q&A with BooksChatter

Today’s stop is a Q&A withĀ BooksChatter. I enjoyed answering these questions, particularly my dream team if the book were to become a movie. And I even got to put together a YouTube playlist based on songs that inspired my book. How fun is that? So read on to find out something quirky about the story […]

Why I Believe in Happily Ever After

The Reading Addict tasked me with writing about what I thinkĀ is the strongest attraction about the genre IĀ like to write in. Here’s what I had to say. I like to write the kind of books that I read. While I enjoy a variety of genres, Chick Lit and Contemporary Romance are my favorites. As an […]

Dating Advice, Anyone?

I hope you allĀ had a wonderful holiday! I’m excited to be back and kick off the second half of my blog tour. Next up: a guest post with Read Your Writes featuringĀ Tara’s top 5 pieces of dating advice. Well, that’s what it was supposed to be, but I think I accidentally didn’t send the write […]

Regrets Only

IĀ had a guest post ready to go whereĀ I dish aboutĀ the theme of my novel: regret, and how it inspired my protagonist, Tara Winters. For whatever reason it’s not up yet, but I’m going to share it anyway. I figure, why not? It’s already written. As for the blogger, I can cut her some slack. We […]

Can the Queen of Dating Disasters Find Her Prince?

Serial dater Tara Winters has had to kiss a lot of frogs. Does she still believe in Happily Ever After? Read my character interview with Long and Short Reviews to find out! J B has stopped by to introduce us to the protagonist from her latest novel, I Should Have Said Yes. Meet Tara Winters: […]

Q&A with Booklover Sue

Check out my Q&A with Booklover Sue. You’ll find out my favorite scene in I Should Have Said Yes and what I learned at a psychic reading. Wish it was the lottery numbers! What is your writing environment? My life is filled with chaos, so when it comes to writing I like the quiet of […]

An Interview with Christine Young

Blog tour, day 2: check out my interview with Christine Young. Youā€™ll learn a bit more about yours truly, and my book, of course! šŸ˜‰ What or who inspired you to start writing? It had always been my dream to write a novel. But between working and raising two young kids it was something I […]

Launch Day: Spread Happiness

Iā€™m thrilled to share that my second novel is now available on Amazon. I approved the proof yesterday and got a message thatĀ it would be posted online within 3-5 days. I did a quick search this morning, and bam, there it was. Itā€™s a bit surreal that after all the blood, sweat, and tears Iā€™m […]