Inside View

The Journey to the Perfect Book Cover

The cover art is one of the most important and powerful tools an author has to hook a reader. It can be the deciding factor as to whether or not someone chooses to engage further and read the jacket copy. I had a clear vision for what I wanted for my cover, but it was a long road in getting there. Thanks to my amazingly talented art director, I am very happy with the end result!


The direction: Simple, mysterious, dramatic, provocative. Classic black and white photography that evokes emotion. No abs, please.

My vision: A close up of a male and female silhouette leaning in toward one another sharing an almost kiss. I liked the idea of silhouettes because I didn’t want to show distinct faces – I wanted the readers to come up with their own take on what the characters looked like. And I liked the dramatic element of having the characters in shadow.

Alt idea for second concept: A silver heart charm bracelet with a lock on it. I liked the idea of representing the symbolism behind Lexi’s Tiffany heart bracelet and thought it was unique for the category.


Round 1 Concepts

cover a            cover b
NOPE                                                                                                      MAYBE


While the bracelet concept had potential, I really wanted to feature a couple. I had a call with the art team to reiterate my vision and my desire to see silhouettes.


Round 2 Concept

cover c



Panic sets in.


Enter my art director extraordinaire. He sends the following options as directions we could go.

silhouette options     double exposure


I love the double exposure execution. Feeling excited!


Round 1 Concept with new art director

Glenn cover 1


I asked him to crop in tighter, make the facial features more distinctive, and explore new font treatments.


Round 2 Concept

initial back cover


Super close. Now we just needed to polish the back cover.


After some tweaking, here is the end result. I’m glad this ending has a happily ever after.

Final Cover_OITO