Thankful for the Little Things

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is upon us. This time of year is always fun yet frenzied, filled with family, parties, and of course, shopping. My inbox is flooded with sales and deals galore. As much as I love saving, to be honest I find it a bit overwhelming. It was nice coming […]

Oops! Learning from our Mistakes

As a parent, I’ll admit that I’m scared of my children making mistakes. Of course there are different levels of mistakes, ranging from minor inconveniences to the catastrophic. So I guess it’s more the catastrophic kinds that I’m referring to. The kinds of events that could jeopardize their future. I have friends in the neighborhood […]

Double Digits & Holding onto Childhood

My daughter turned 10 last week. I tried to make it special―after all, it is a milestone.  For starters, it’s double digits. Never again in her lifetime will her age be a single number. It’s also closer to the teenage years. It may seem like she’s far from that because we’ve still got three years […]

It’s Never Too Late

My son’s birthday party is this weekend and I’ve been trying to finalize attendance. I sent out an Evite but still have a number of outstanding responses. Nothing makes me madder than people who don’t RSVP—especially when I sent out two requests with a deadline. Anyway, it showed that a handful of people never viewed […]


Today the inevitable happened: I turned a year older. I wrote the below post three years ago and wanted to republish an edited version in honor of the big day. Because the number that I’ve feared has finally arrived. My daughter wanted to know if I was excited to celebrate. “Yes,” I lied. The fact […]

A Working Mom’s Perspective: Why I Couldn’t Have it All

It’s hard to believe that after 17 years with my agency, today was my last. I’ve decided to stay at home so I can spend more time with my family. It’s a bittersweet decision as I love agency life and my career is a big part of my identity. But being a working mom is […]