Last Stop: Lessons Learned

Today is the last day of my blog tour. It’s been a fun and eventful week. Thanks for following along and I hope you learned some fun facts about me and my book. My final stop is Fabulous and Brunette, which is very fitting because I’ve got the brunette thing going and I’d like to think I’m fabulous too. Read on to learn about what writing this book has taught me.

Writing This Book Has Taught Me…

To be more open to trying new things. I’ve reached the point where I feel like I’ve been there, done that. I’ve become comfortable with the familiar. Nowadays that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Isn’t everyone trying to grasp onto the nostalgia of happier times? If you haven’t heard, 2021 is the year of the TV reboot. Saved by the Bell and Punky Brewster, anyone? And it’s no surprise people want to surround themselves with the comfort of a simpler time. But after writing this novel, I wonder if I’ve grown too complacent. I’ve never been an adventurous person. I’m the cautious one, the middle child who plays it, well, in the middle. Perhaps that’s why I love writing: it allows me to create characters who do things I wouldn’t normally do. They can push the boundaries I can’t.

In my newest release, Into the Fire, Veronica Clayton goes on a journey of self-discovery. As the daughter of a senator, she’s always been conscious about how her actions affect her family. Since a young age, her life has revolved around putting her father’s needs first. She could never make a decision without thinking about how it would appear to others. How it would impact him or his campaign. She perfected the art of small talk, being gracious, polite and poised. She knows how to evade a question she doesn’t want to answer, not to let her emotions reveal her true feelings, and to put aside her desires. Because the one time she pushed the boundaries it backfired, badly, and almost cost her family everything.

She hides—from herself and others. She doesn’t let anyone get to know the real Veronica—she’s not even certain who that is anymore. At twenty-nine years old, she’s never made a decision for herself. And she was OK with that. Until he came along. Rob Ashford is the one man who challenges her. Who stirs up memories of the adventurous girl she used to be who yearned for more. As they dive deeper into their relationship, Rob awakens parts of Veronica she had long since buried. He makes her realize her past doesn’t have to define her.

Veronica comes into her own because she’s willing to push past the fear. She tries new things, tests her boundaries, and listens to the inner voice she had silenced. She learns to put her trust in others, but more importantly, herself. I admire that about Veronica. She’s inspired me to be more open and less risk adverse. I’m starting small. I finally gave in and got a puppy, which is actually is a big thing in my book. It never seemed practical and I didn’t want the mess. The very idea pushed my comfort zone. But Daisy’s been a great addition to the family. And now I can’t imagine life without her. While there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe, as Rob reminded Veronica, “Without risk there is no reward. And I promise you, the reward will be well worth it.” In this case, it certainly is. 😊

Don’t miss out on your final chance to save. Into the Fire is only $0.99 on Smashwords through 2/8. You can indulge in something hot for less than a cup of coffee.

Me and Daisy

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