Thankful for the Little Things

little things.png

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is upon us. This time of year is always fun yet frenzied, filled with family, parties, and of course, shopping. My inbox is flooded with sales and deals galore. As much as I love saving, to be honest I find it a bit overwhelming. It was nice coming off the Thanksgiving weekend to reflect on all I’m thankful for, which I guess helps with the transition to the chaos.

Of course I’m thankful for the big things like the love of family, support of friends, and being in good health. This time of year reminds me never to take those things for granted. But sometimes it’s hard not to stress when I think about showing everyone I love my gratitude – and the bill at the end of it. So I’m taking time out to make a list of the little things I’m grateful for. Because sometimes the little things make a big difference. 

My List:

Backup cameras and side view mirror indicators – they give me peace of mind during my commute downtown

Siri – the best around for quick fact finding (or entertaining my children). Alexa is up there too. Tell her “see ya later alligator” then repeat her next phrase. It could be hours of endless fun

Google maps – I’d be lost without it. I have a terrible sense of direction!

Magic Eraser – it really does get the stain out of anything

Trader Joe’s chocolate covered pretzel slims – a tasty indulgence. I have a slight obsession

My Zumba instructor – she allows me to keep on eating them

Auto payments – one less thing to worry about. I would love to automate everything

My Target Redcard – who doesn’t love saving 5% every time you shop?

Swell water bottles – let’s face it, they’re swell at reducing plastic in landfills

Artificial plants – I learned this was the way to go after my orchid and succulent didn’t make it

Mentha lip balm – a tingly and minty fresh moisturizer. Having chapped lips is a pet peeve

Sunny days in winter – they are few and far between in Chi town

Falling asleep to a good book – I’m a writer so it comes with the territory

All of you – for taking the time to read my blog

What’s on your list?    


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