Book Launch Day! And Why I’m Not Afraid to Fail


It’s hard to believe the day is finally here: the official launch of my third book, In Search of Mr. Anonymous. It’s been a year in the making, and quite a journey for me. You’d think it would get easier the third time around, but this has proved to be the most challenging yet because there were some unexpected bumps along the way. Not with the plotline―writing is always the easy part for me. I’ve had this story idea mapped out in my head for a long time. It’s my favorite among the books I’ve written thus far. I just hope I did it justice because sometimes the way I imagine something isn’t necessarily what comes across on paper. While I still consider it fun and flirty, the tone is more serious than the first two and I tackle some heavier topics. But I tried not to stray from my formula, which is a bit of heat and a whole lot of heart. More on that in a minute.

So you may be wondering where the challenge lies. I’m a self-published author and thought I had a pretty good formula when it came to the publishing part. But once my manuscript was ready, I discovered the company I previously used to handle the editing and interior page design no longer offered those services. That led to lots of research and endless manuscript formatting. I’m talking hours of adding code to my manuscript so things like text message exchanges and fleurons show up correctly. I’ll admit it’s not my forte and I’d much rather stick to writing. I’m also branching out to new channels, so there was a learning curve there as well.

All of that hard work will pay off once it’s in the hands of readers. But that’s also the most terrifying part for me because they will be judging my work, which I know is part of the process.

Writing is like putting a piece of yourself out there for all the world to see.

And the truth is I’m more of an introvert. Some of my friends may disagree, but really I’m most comfortable not being in the spotlight. And now I’ll be under the bright lights and the scrutiny begins. So you may wonder why I do it. I often wonder the same thing. The answer is because I love it. I’m not doing it to become a best-selling author, though that would be nice! Really I just want to entertain people and bring a bit of happiness to their lives. There’s nothing like reading a positive review from someone and knowing they were touched by something I wrote. It makes me feel fulfilled that I gave them a piece of happiness in a world where we need more of it. On the flipside, there’s nothing more defeating than reading a negative review. Everyone says not to read your own reviews and I try not to, but let’s face it, how can you not be curious about how people feel about your work? I know you can’t please everyone, so I try to focus on the positive and not get discouraged. But it’s tough sometimes.

Now onto something more fun. I mentioned earlier my formula is a bit of heat and a whole lot of heart. That brings us to the topic of sex. Yes, I write about it, and there’s a lot more of it in this book than my others. Does it make me uncomfortable knowing people will be reading it? Yes and no. I hope that readers will be invested in my characters and realize this is about them and their desires and motivations, not mine. I think it’s easier with strangers than people I know. But I feel like I just need to own it because it’s important to include. I’m not setting out to write erotica, and in reality the sex scenes comprise maybe 5-10% of the book overall. But in a Romance sex is an important part of feeling the chemistry between the characters. Blame it on EL James, but she brought it into the mainstream. And I feel like there’s almost an expectation that people want to see what goes on behind closed doors. So I like to give a little taste. Especially in this book because the premise is a one-night stand where my protagonist falls hard for a stranger, so I felt it was important to establish their connection, both physically and emotionally. Still, it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that people are reading these scenes. Not so much my friends, but when my sixty-something cousin says she plans to read it, I’d rather she didn’t. Seriously. And for the record I have a vivacious imagination. While I use some personal experiences to shape my characters, they are all unique with their own motivations and challenges. So I tap into those qualities when writing my scenes, not just my own. Just wanted to clear the air on that topic because I’ve been asked.

Last but not least comes promotion. I’m a marketer and have over fifteen years of experience in the field. But ironically it’s the part I hate most about the process. The reason being is that I’m not marketing a product, but I’m essentially marketing myself. As I said earlier, I’m more of an introvert and I hate sales. So to have to promote my book is somewhat torturous for me. I love what I do and hope that word of mouth will take over, but that’s not gonna cut it to reach the masses. So here I am talking about it with you all 🙂 Anyway, whatever will be will be. Like my protagonist Lucy, I’m a big believer in fate. At the end of the day I’ve put out a book I love and that I’m proud of. I always tell my kids just do your best. Even if you don’t do well, as long as you tried your hardest that’s what counts. That’s why I draw inspiration from the image I chose: “Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.”

I wasn’t afraid to try. And for that I haven’t failed, no matter the outcome.


If you’d like a sneak peek of my book check out my previous blog posts for a look at some sample chapters. And if you want to buy an e-book the links are below. Paperback is due out next week! Thanks for joining me on my journey.

Sneak Peak: In Search of Mr. Anonymous

In Search of Mr. Anonymous: Chapter 1

In Search of Mr. Anonymous: Chapter 2

In Search of Mr. Anonymous: Chapter 3

In Search of Mr. Anonymous: Chapter 4

In Search of Mr. Anonymous: Chapter 5

Buy your copy now by clicking on the icons below. My pre-sale e-book price is $2.99 and will go up to $3.99 on 4/30. So buy now and save!

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