A Clean Slate


My kids went back to school a few weeks ago. I love this time of year. It feels like a second New Year’s celebration. A fresh start, a renewed sense of optimism, and a chance to do things better. By the end of the summer things got chaotic in my house. The routine was somewhat out the window, the kids were going to bed late, and I was going a bit insane. I feel like that’s what summer’s for (not the insane part!), but it got tough in the end having no down time. In the last few weeks between the end of camp and the start of school, I was trying to plan fun activities to keep everyone entertained. My house become a revolving door of play dates. The kids were bickering constantly. Slime was a go-to activity. The mess! I had to put the kibosh on that. And we often ran for blocks in search of the ice cream truck. My kids have never had better speed or hearing. We could be downstairs in the basement with the door closed and they’d scream for ice cream. Before I could process what happened they were upstairs with their shoes on. You’d think they would be tired with all the running around and fresh air. But as my son said it gave him energy. The ice cream probably helped. He was going to bed late and my daughter was staying up past ten. So the only time I could get things done was after she went to bed. And let me tell you, at that point I was tired. I found myself forgetting to put a wet load of laundry in the dryer, drafting emails that were never sent, and doing work well past eleven. As much as I loved spending quality time with the kids, I felt like the quality I was putting into other things was somewhat lacking.

Slowly we’re adjusting to getting back to the rigor a new school year brings. My daughter is entering fourth grade and my son is in first. So far so good. Granted we’ve yet to have a full week of school. I’ve been getting all of us (myself included) up and out the door earlier. By the end of last year we were cutting it close with morning drop off. Everyone was less motivated to get out of bed. And even on those days it seemed like we were doing OK on time, inevitably we used those “free” minutes doing something else. I was a stress case each morning and vowed no more. So I’m glad for the fresh start. We’re all motivated to adopt good habits, but we’ll see what happens come October.

Just like with New Year’s, I’m trying to hold onto my resolutions.

So now I’ve gone from having no “me” time to lots of it. A good deal of that time will be spent doing work. Did I mention I’ve been freelancing for my former boss? I primarily work from home and a lot of what I’m doing is writing-based, which I obviously love. And it’s a nice work-life balance, which isn’t easy to come by. So I feel lucky and inspired. Which brings me to my next piece of news. I started writing my third novel! I’m hoping to focus on it more in the coming weeks and months as I only have a few chapters started. The story is something I mapped out a long time ago that I’ve been aching to write. It’s all in my head, but the challenge will be getting it down on paper in a way that does it justice. But I’m excited and it feels like the right time. Like with the flip of the calendar, I’m wiping the slate clean and I’m ready to begin. 🙂

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