It’s Never Too Late

My son’s birthday party is this weekend and I’ve been trying to finalize attendance. I sent out an Evite but still have a number of outstanding responses. Nothing makes me madder than people who don’t RSVP—especially when I sent out two requests with a deadline. Anyway, it showed that a handful of people never viewed […]

Rock the Vote to Earn a Free Book

Most of you know that I self-published my first novel, Out in the Open. I had planned to do the same with my second when I came across an interesting opportunity. Kindle now has its own publishing arm, Kindle Scout. It’s what they call reader-powered publishing, meaning readers determine which books get published by nominating […]

Choose Love

My heart is filled with sadness at the news of yet another tragedy. Innocent lives stolen—mothers, daughters, fathers, and sons, lost. To be honest I don’t watch the news that much anymore. Every story seems to be about violence. Senseless shootings in Chicago, acts of terror around the world. And it’s getting more prevalent. As […]