A Year of Change… and Why I Won’t Be Making Resolutions

embrace change

What a year 2014 has been. For me, it marked a year of change. My daughter started first grade, and with it her first official full school day. After seven years, I switched to a new role at work. I moved offices. I adjusted to parenting with my husband’s more frequent travel schedule. I started new activities for my kids. And perhaps most significantly, I went from being a mom and marketer, to being a mom, marketer, and published author.

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who embraced change. But as change has become my new normal, I find myself craving consistency. And it’s no wonder. Since we are born we are conditioned to follow a routine. Babies must learn day from night, adjust to an eating schedule, nap schedule, and bedtime routine. Bath, book, bedtime, and no buts about it. As parents, we try to create order by following these rituals—religiously. New parents may begin to forgo events that interfere with their kids’ schedules. Take Kanye and Kim, who replicate North’s nursery wherever they travel. Ridiculous? Yes. Would others do it if they had the means? Probably. I remember being crazy about adhering to my kids’ nap schedules. I was like a madwoman, putting up “do not ring bell” signs, sprinting for the phone if it rang, and working around classes and meetings so they could fit in their precious two hours. I think we are engrained to understand the importance of sleep, not to mention the free time it affords us parents.

As my kids have aged they still crave these routines. If you’ve ever tried to vary your toddler’s routine you’ll agree. Even now that my kids are school-age they still get upset when things don’t go as planned. They don’t like a break in the routine. It’s understandable.

Routines help us know what to expect. And there is comfort in the expected.

As adults, it’s an ongoing exercise to remain flexible. Adaptable. In today’s fast-paced world we have to be. There’s always something newer, better, and faster to help us cope. Or make us learn how to do something differently we did just fine before. So when it comes to resolutions on what to change for 2015, I’m resolving not to make a resolution. I think most of us can agree we start resolutions with the best of intentions, but they remain just that. Then we feel bad about ourselves for not following through. It’s easy to make plans, but it’s harder to act on them.

So instead of making a resolution, I’m vowing to just do it. I will be more organized, better at making plans, and will finish book #2. Wishing you all much health, happiness (and stability!) in 2015.

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