A Pirate’s Life for Me

treasure chest 2

Pirates have been a central theme of my summer. My daughter was in drama camp and her group put on a production of Peter Pan. It sparked her interest in everything pirates: watching Jake & The Neverland Pirates, dressing up like a pirate, and constantly singing “Yo Ho” around the house. I was happy to see her broadening her horizons, plus it served as a nice break from Frozen. But a recent piracy incident has me much preferring Elsa.


I was checking my website stats the other day and scrolled down to the referral section, which allows me to see where traffic to my site is coming from. I rarely check it, but for some reason something compelled me to do it. I noticed a link from YouTube, which I thought was strange considering I don’t have any video content posted there. I clicked on it and was dismayed to see it was a link to a site where someone had posted a free downloadable copy of my book. Okay, dismayed is putting it lightly. I may have hyper ventilated, had a slight coronary, and then sent off a handful of angry emails. But I feel that I’m justified. I have poured the last three years of my life into this book, and not to mention my own funding because I am self-published. While I may have used my initials as my pen name, I’m not EL James or JK Rowling. And far from it. Not that it’s right on any level, famous or not, but I just couldn’t believe someone would take my work without my authorization and give it away. If there is a silver lining, I hope that means this person really liked my book and wanted to share it with others.


I am so grateful for social media and it’s been a key platform for promoting my book. But you take the good with the bad. Everyone is a critic, an expert, and can post just about anything on the web. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you might have discerned that I’m a worrier. Before I discovered this my biggest book-related worry was receiving a negative rating. I never thought I’d have to worry about people uploading my file. So now I will add piracy to the list. I’m just grateful I caught it and was able to have the link removed, but not before a lot of people downloaded it. I think I’m ready to set sail and move on to my next adventure.

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