The Lost Art of the Love Letter

It’s been quite a week of milestones. I had my 20 year reunion last week, my recognition ceremony for my 15 year work anniversary, and my 10 year wedding anniversary this past Friday. The day was hectic and filled with appointments. My husband came home from work early because we were going to dinner that night to celebrate. We had tried planning a weekend getaway but we weren’t able to find a sitter, so a night out would have to do. Originally I had planned on going to the Katy Perry concert. When I asked my husband if I could go months prior he wasn’t thrilled, but said if I really wanted to see her he’d understand. My friend had a connection to get our tickets so I didn’t have to buy mine right away. As time went on, I felt increasingly guilty for not spending my anniversary with my husband. Perhaps if it wasn’t ten years I would have considered it, but it felt too big a milestone to spend apart. So after some debate I chose my husband over Katy.

Friday afternoon I was waiting at the bus stop to pick up my daughter from camp. My son was with my husband so I had some rare time to myself. I brought my US Weekly Magazine and savored the few minutes of free time. I came across an article about how Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt send each other love letters when they are apart. I’m not crazy about them as a couple because of the way their relationship started, but I thought it was a sweet and sentimental thing to do. In my opinion writing love letters is a lost art and I like the idea of capturing your inner-most thoughts and feelings from a snapshot in time for all eternity. Especially because I have a terrible memory.

The bus came and the letters were forgotten. Before my husband and I left for dinner, we exchanged cards. We had to make a few big purchases this year so we decided no gifts. I thought my husband went back on our agreement when he handed me a thick envelope. It turns out it wasn’t a gift per se, but a love letter to me reflecting back on our ten years of marriage. He wrote it like a book and said he was inspired by my accomplishment this past year.

For someone who usually isn’t at a loss for words, I was speechless.

He captured every milestone from the day we met until the present. I couldn’t believe he remembered small details, and not to mention every single important date. I now have this treasure trove of our life’s memories that I can reflect back on. It was the perfect gift (did I mention I have a terrible memory?) and the timing couldn’t have been more ironic. Take that, Brad and Angie.

My husband keeps telling me how proud he is of me and my accomplishment. But my book was purely a work of fiction. His story was straight from the heart and I couldn’t be more in awe of him. He makes me feel like a “Teenage Dream,” and I’d choose him over Katy Perry any day.

2 thoughts on “The Lost Art of the Love Letter

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