Girlfriends are the Best Medicine


A couple of years ago, my girlfriends and I decided a weekend getaway was in order. Our lives had become so hectic that it had been ages since we’d seen one another. And when we did, the conversation was often monopolized by—or about—our kids. So, we packed up our things, said goodbye to our families, and drove hundreds of miles before popping open the champagne. Fast forward a few years and these getaways have become an annual tradition.


Our husbands actually encourage these outings. This may seem surprising, but we of course reward them for letting us go, a strategic maneuver designed to pave the way for little protest in the future. Plus, all of the girl time leaves us refreshed so we are more attentive and energetic when we return.


So, when this year’s getaway rolled around, I couldn’t wait for some R&R. But then a killer cold kicked in, putting a damper on my plans. And I started thinking about how my kids would miss me and how the household could not manage in my absence. On Monday, I decided girls weekend was out. On Tuesday, I started to think that perhaps I’d get more rest being away. On Wednesday, I decided some separation might be a good thing for my kids, plus it would give them some quality one-on-one time with their dad. On Thursday, I decided I wanted to boycott doing laundry. And by Friday, the day of the outing, I knew I just could not miss out. I decided to drive up by myself to Lake Geneva on Saturday, a nice compromise. I figured it was just over an hour away and I’d be gone less than 24 hours. I set off and was making great time. As I got closer, I started driving through endless cornfields. Just when I thought I was nearly there, the GPS directed me to yet another country road with no speed limit—and no other cars in sight. I started thinking that this was a very bad idea. If I got lost or something happened I was in the middle of nowhere, literally. And I also started thinking perhaps I should have taken the car in for the 50,000 mile check-up BEFORE I decided to embark on a road trip.


Luckily, I made it there. And it was all worth it. My girlfriend chartered a boat to take us to dinner, we ate right on the water, and decided no talk of kids. To make up for it, we shared countless entertaining stories about our husbands. We also each bought our favorite tip (under $5) to share with the group. I loved seeing what everyone recommended and it was fun to come home with a bunch of goodies. Even though I was there for such as short time, it provided a much needed mental break. As adults, we sometimes forget that our kids aren’t the only ones who need time outs. Whoever said laughter is the best medicine got part of it right. I believe girlfriends are the best medicine and can cure whatever ails you. For they bring the laughter. To all of my girlfriends, thank you.

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