Happy New Year!

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Yes, I realize it’s August. But I’m sure most parents will agree that the new school year marks the beginning of a fresh start even more so than January 1st. In fact, a Walmart survey found that nine out of ten moms make back-to-school “resolutions” in preparation for the year. I am among them. As much as I’d love to frequent (or in my case join) the gym or be organized so I can find that form, my resolution is simple: be on time. I used to be a very punctual person and was often early, but that was before I had kids. Now, it seems I’m perpetually running 5 minutes late to every appointment. What can I say, it’s difficult trying to get two young kids to have a sense of urgency. And it seems my son thinks it’s a good idea to play hide and seek when it’s time to go.


So, I’ve tried setting my clock five minutes early. At first it seemed to work. I check my watch as we’re getting ready to head out and miraculously we are on schedule. But something happens between the time we walk out the door and get in the car. Somehow I find we’re running late again. There is something to be said for accounting for pack up and pack ’em in time. Now I’m frantically trying to get from A to B and my blood pressure is rising while my patience and sanity are hanging by a thread.


Then I become crazy mommy – and frankly, she scares me.


So with this new school year, I vowed no more. The first day of school we were at the bus stop well before anyone else. My daughter wanted to know where all the kids were and feared we missed the bus. I assured her we early and that the bus had not come yet. Day 2 was also a success, however, I didn’t have my 3-year old in tow. Reality kicked in this morning now that I wasn’t staying home to see my daughter off to school. After I dropped her off at Clubhouse, the before care program, I once again was frantically racing for the train. So, I will be setting my clock back some more. Perhaps I should just end Daylight Savings now because at this rate I will be falling back a full hour to be on time.


Do you have any time saving tips to share? I’d be most appreciative and I know my kids will be happy to keep the crazy lady at bay.

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