Is Bigger Better?



My daughter overhead me talking to my husband about how my agency just announced a monumental merger that will create the world’s largest advertising company. She wanted to know what that meant and if it was a good thing. I explained that it was like a marriage and we’ll now be one big family and we get to learn from the traditions of each other. I don’t think she grasped the tradition part, but all I needed to say was bigger and she immediately saw it as a good thing. And why wouldn’t she? We’ve been conditioned for most of our lives to believe that bigger is better. I always encourage my daughter to dream big and when she told me she wants to be President I said that was a great aspiration. It even comes down to the simplest things. The other day I was cutting a cookie to share with my daughter and she inspected it closely before choosing the bigger half. She watches with an eagle eye whenever I split things between her and her brother – it doesn’t matter what it is, she just wants the bigger portion.

Even as adults, we are always aiming big. Everyone wants the big house, the big car, and the big salary to match.

Which got me to thinking… is bigger really better?

Because all of these big things come with big stress. There’s something to be said for simpler times. When I think back on stories from my grandparents’ generation about how they had to walk for miles in the snow to get to school, I think hey, at least it was free exercise vs. paying a big fat gym membership. So I felt inspired to make a list of things that are better small.

Messes, mail piles, bills, fees, hold times, laundry loads, desserts (I love the bite size portions some restaurants now offer), lines, pills, devices (who wants a honkin’ big phone), packaging, my unopened email count, the number of things on my to do list, and fewer prompts before getting to a live person. Nothing is worse than hitting 0 only to be returned to the main menu.

That’s all I could think of off the top of my head. What do you think? Is bigger better?

As for the merger, I do think it brings big opportunities, so in this case, bigger just might be better.

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