Practice Makes Perfect

work hard

I read the funniest article that had me in tears on the commute home today. I’m not normally one of those laugh out loud people, but something struck a chord with me. The article was about a mom’s failed attempts at recreating the works of art she sees on Pinterest. It showed the perfect inspiration followed by what is likely reality for most of us, unless you are Martha Stewart. I have to give her credit, I’ve admired many of those recipes but have not even attempted to replicate them. I’m actually a decent baker, but when the bar seems too high I stick with what I know.

It got me thinking that perhaps I should take more risks. Sometimes I think the fear of failure is so great that I tend to shy away from trying new things. And this is not an example I want to set for my kids. I want them to embrace challenges, learn from failures, and most importantly, have fun along the way.  While that may be true, it also made me realize I tend to be too hard on myself at times. As a mom, I feel like I’m constantly second guessing my decisions and comparing my talents to others who seem to do it all, and flawlessly. We all have our strengths, and I decided that I’m going to embrace mine rather than lamenting about the things I can’t do well. Plus, I’m always preaching that practice makes perfect. I intend to take my own advice. Perhaps I’ll try replicating the S’mores tomorrow. Even if it doesn’t look perfect, my kids will love indulging in a special treat. But more importantly, it’s an activity we can all enjoy together. And there’s nothing more perfect than that.

4 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. ha! i say if the experiment fails, eat ’em raw and call it, “deconstructed s’mores” like the fancy restaurants do. you’ll instantly seem like a “fine cuisine” mama!

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