We Need Love Now More Than Ever


My husband sent me a link this afternoon with news of the Boston Marathon bombing. I felt complete horror as the realization hit me that another senseless tragedy had stolen innocent lives. What was supposed to be a celebration of the drive and determination of thousands ended up being momentous for other reasons I’d rather forget. I find it especially heart-wrenching that the race was dedicated to honor the memory of the Sandy Hook elementary victims, only to have those family members present become victims once more. I feel fortunate that my children are young enough that I don’t have to explain what happened. Because I don’t even really know myself how people can be taught to harbor such hatred. What’s more troubling is that these stories are becoming all too commonplace, and I find myself once again feeling helpless.

So, I am trying to focus on all of the good Samaritans: the countless people whose acts of bravery helped others. The first responders, those who donated blood, the bystanders who helped the injured, all perfect strangers that are now bound together by tragedy. It is these individuals and all the servicemen and women who defend our freedom every day that remind me there are still heroes among us. Now I’m left wondering what I can do to help. For starters, I hugged my kids tighter tonight. And I realized the most important thing I can do is to teach them to love. To love one another, to be tolerant, to celebrate differences, and to be compassionate human beings. I’d still like to believe that good will always defeat evil. We just need more love—and a lot of it.

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