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IShouldHave AMAZON

Blogger extraordinaire Tara Winters has always regretted saying no to D. J. Parker. She vowed never to repeat her mistake, and her “yes” dating pact was born. After meeting countless Mr. Wrongs, she’s seriously considering her friend Andy’s drunken marriage proposal. Then Andy meets Natalie, a high-strung Pilates fanatic who is of the mind-set that men and women cannot be friends. As Tara finds herself competing for her best friend’s affection, she must decide if she’s in it for the right reasons—or simply to win. Because she still can’t seem to put the ghost of D. J. behind her. Along her journey of self-discovery, Tara shares pieces of dating advice with her followers. But perhaps the most important lesson she must learn is to embrace the power of “no” to find her happy ending.

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See where it all started

Out in the Open_web

Ad exec Lexi Winters had her life mapped out—until her plans unraveled when she caught her fiancé in the act with a scheming coworker. After leaving him, her beloved New York, and a successful career, she faces the harsh reality of starting over. She returns to her hometown of Chicago and lands a new job where she meets Jake, the agency founder’s captivating nephew. Their chemistry is undeniable, but Lexi is protective of her fragile heart and isn’t ready to date again. Jake is on the fast track to leading the company and has vowed to his uncle never to let anything—or anyone—get in his way. What begins as harmless flirtation soon crosses a line that threatens to destroy Lexi and Jake’s promising careers. In a relationship plagued by secrets, will they risk everything to be out in the open?

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